Why No Win No Fee?

You may think, why would a law firm offer not to be paid for all that time if it didn’t mean more money for them eventually? We work this way because we believe our clients have a reasonable [...]

Is No Win No Fee More Expensive?

A Polaris No Win No Fee agreement does not mean paying more than if you’d been billed monthly. If you’ve pursued your claim under a No Win No Fee agreement and your case is unsuccessful, then the [...]

Pedestrian accidents and TAC claims

Pedestrians who are injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident are entitled to TAC benefits. Pedestrians can receive TAC benefits and compensation even where: 1. the accident involved a [...]

Tram and train accidents and TAC claims

If you are injured as a result of the driving or operation of a tram or train, you’re covered by the TAC. For example, when you’re getting off a train and become trapped in the doors, you will be [...]

Bike accidents and TAC claims

If you were a cyclist and you were involved in a collision with a motor vehicle you will be entitled to TAC coverage. There are also situations where there is not a direct collision however you [...]

Truck accidents and TAC claims

Truck transport across Victoria is on the rise. Even with increased safety mechanisms introduced into the trucking industry, we continue to see significant road accidents involving trucks. Trucks [...]

Car accidents and TAC claims

The majority of TAC claims are for injuries sustained as a result of a car accident. You can lodge a claim for compensation if you sustained injuries either as the driver or passenger of a car [...]

Do I need a lawyer for my TAC claim?

It is very important to get legal advice about your TAC claim, even if you don’t think you need to. The TAC will generally pay some benefits, including basic medical treatment such as GP [...]

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