Narelle SimonsSenior Legal Assistant

Narelle Simons is a Senior Legal Assistant in the WorkCover and Motor Vehicle Accident departments.

Narelle has over 25 years experience assisting client’s and their families, who have been injured in a Workplace incident or involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Prior to her commencement at Polaris Lawyers, Narelle has worked at some of the largest plaintiff law firms, gaining invaluable experience, knowledge, and skills to assist our clients in all areas of their claims to help take some of the stress from the Personal injury experience.

Narelle is very empathetic and enjoys being involved in client’s claims from the beginning to the end to ensure our clients are treated fairly and have the access and understanding to the justice system they deserve.

Narelle’s personal values are in line with Polaris Lawyers’ and she is proud to be part of a team changing the lives of our client’s and their families.

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