How long does a claim normally take?

Each case is different, but Polaris works hard to make sure that your case is finished as quickly as possible. Because you can only obtain lump sum compensation for your injuries once, the timing [...]

Will I be out of pocket if I lose?

This is highly unlikely. If you lose your case, Polaris won’t charge you for the work done on your claim. In the highly unlikely event that your case goes to Court and is unsuccessful, you [...]

I just want to focus on my recovery.

Perfect – let Polaris do the legal work to make sure that your entitlements are protected, while you focus on your health and treatment. And if you make a full recovery and no longer want to make [...]

When should I make a claim?

It is important to get legal advice as soon as possible once you have been injured. There is likely to be valuable evidence which should be collected soon after an injury or accident. Also, [...]

What if I don’t have a claim?

Polaris gives you free initial advice about whether you have a potential claim for compensation. If we believe that you are unlikely to have a claim, we will give you that advice, and you [...]