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Does TAC cover ambulance costs after my motor vehicle accident?

When someone is involved in a motor vehicle accident, it can have a huge impact on their health, finances and security. One of the most common questions we get is ‘Who will pay for the ambulance after a car accident?’, as the cost can be a significant financial impact for many people. The short answer is, if you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, TAC should cover your ambulance, from the accident to the hospital.

What medical and associated costs do TAC pay for if you’re injured in a road accident?

It’s unfortunate that we occasionally speak to people who have been injured in an accident but did not call an ambulance or get medical treatment because they were worried about being able to afford to pay for it.

This is a concern to us, because we know that people who get the treatment and support they need are more likely to make a good recovery. We also know that people who suffer in silence or don’t ask for help after an accident are more likely to miss out on support and entitlements that can assist with their health and financial security.

The TAC is required to pay for all medical and associated care costs that are reasonable, and are related to the accident. This includes ambulance transport.

The TAC should pay for your ambulance even if:

  • you were transported by helicopter rather than road ambulance;
  •  the accident was on private property (but involved a vehicle capable of registration);
  •  you were a cyclist injured as a result of a collision or near miss with a motor vehicle;
  •  You were a pedestrian injured as a result of a collision or near miss with a motor vehicle;
  •  The motor vehicle can’t be identified because of a hit and run, or because you did not get the vehicle details;
  •  there was alcohol involved;
  •  there was no-one else at fault for the accident; or
  •  it turns out that your injuries are less severe than you first thought.

If you’re unsure about what the TAC covers, or how to get started with a TAC claim, you should get advice from a TAC specialist lawyer without delay. You can contact today’s blog writer, Nick Mann, directly.


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