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Can cyclists involved in a motor vehicle accident lodge a TAC claim?

In Victoria, if you’re injured in a road accident, you can lodge a TAC claim. This includes cyclists injured “due to a motor vehicle”. If you collide with a motor vehicle or a motor vehicle causes you to have an accident on your bike, you may be entitled to a claim.

Your TAC claim could entitle you to:

  • Payments for loss of income
  • Medical expenses
  • Other expenses like home help and domestic services
  • Travel expenses for medical appointments related to your accident
  • Lump sum compensation

However, if you have an accident on your bike that does not involve a motor vehicle, you are not entitled to make TAC claim.

You should always get advice from a TAC expert if you are injured on the road or due to a motor vehicle. Cyclists injured in Victoria are only covered by the TAC scheme in limited situations, including:

  • If they are hit by a motor vehicle (including trams and trains);
  • If they are injured in an accident swerving to avoid a car;
  • If they are involved in a “dooring” accident;
  • If the cyclist collides with a stationary car; or
  • If the accident is caused by debris which is on the road due to the driving of another vehicle.

If you are unsure if your bicycle accident involved a motor vehicle or was caused by a motor vehicle, you should seek legal advice about your options.

At Polaris, we are experts in TAC claims and we’ve helped many Victorians access their rights and entitlements.


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