Customer Service Standards

About Our Commitment to Our Clients

We believe that at their best, lawyers serve as navigators; using our expertise and passion for advocacy to guide injured Victorians through a complex legal system. To assist us and our clients, we’ve developed a set of Client Service Standards.

We provide our clients with information and advice in plain English that explains their rights simply and clearly and identifies the major steps in the process.

At Polaris we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality legal advice, expertise and support to ensure that your rights are protected, and that their compensation is maximised.

We acknowledge that seeking legal advice can be confronting. We are committed to making the process of accessing compensation simple for our clients. We will work alongside our clients in a way that ensures that we do not add additional stress to the process.

Client Service Standards

The Polaris Client Service Standards govern everything that we do, and are designed to ensure that your experience with Polaris is consistently positive and meets the high standards of service you are entitled to expect from us.

The service our clients can expect from Polaris are:

  • We explain how we can assist clients, and attempt to provide quality and appropriate referrals in situations where Polaris cannot assist.
  • We hear each of our client’s stories with empathy and respect.
  • We interact with our clients courteously and professionally.
  • We apply our personal injury knowledge and expertise to every claim.
  • We treat every client and their claim individually.
  • We’ll give you honest advice about the challenges in the case.
  • We communicate with clients in their preferred manner.
  • We provide our clients with clear information on how often they should expect to hear from us about their case.
  • We respond to phone calls, emails and web enquiries as soon as we can; no later than the end of the following working day. Our response will come from with a team member with knowledge of your case.
  • We keep our promises.
  • We advise our clients of likely timeframes for the progression of their claims, as well as key milestones.
  • We speak with our clients about costs and costs risks clearly, directly, and at the earliest reasonable time.
  • We notify our clients if an unexpected delay arises in the claim.
  • We tell our clients promptly if we become aware of anything which might substantially change our assessment of the compensation a client is likely to receive.
  • We work to make sure you keep the majority of any compensation you receive.
  • We listen with an open mind to our clients’ concerns and requests and do our best to help resolve them promptly.
  • In the unlikely event of a complaint arising, we will address this quickly with our client by ensuring we understand and respond to the issue.

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